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My daughter, Kylie, received her "Blue Curtain" tank and absolutely loves it!  It fits perfectly and looks great!  Thank you Only Twirlers so much for your help with sizing and for sending the order so quickly!  

Marie Kerner

Toledo, Ohio

I love how modern and different these tank tops and t-shirts are. It is fun to be able to wear twirling gear that is reflective of 21st century twirlers! 

Rebecca Lantz

Tempe, Arizona

I love being able to wear my, " I survived the Blue Curtain" tank top at both twirling and non-twirling related events. Everyone in the twirling world knows what it means to twirl in front of the blue curtain and how scary that is! But outside the twirling world, it is a great way to share about the great sport of baton twirling

Olivia Fawcett

Riverside, California

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