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Hi twirlers, today we have a special guest from Georgia Southern University, Emily Ball. Along with our College takeovers we will have blog posts, to highlight even more Universities across the nation. First up we have captain of the GSU majorette line Emily Ball. Emily Ball is a senior at GSU majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Political Science. She has been twirling for 12 years in Georgia with the Revolutions Baton Twirling team.

The Georgia Southern Majorettes won Collegiate Dance Twirl and Collegiate Halftime, and also earned second in Collegiate Classic at Twirl Mania 2022. Their favorite times together include the bonding experiences at band camp with their fun dress up days, which they won by the way.

The GSU band is under the direction of Michael Thomas and the majorette line is under the direction of twirling coordinator, Gina Jeffords. This year is extra special for GSU because they are celebrating 40 years since the return of football, which calls for a special game day. Starting up the day with a classic GSU pre-game, GSU is proud to have a program dedicated to helping with the rescue of endangered animals like the bald eagles. To honor this program, Freedom, the eagle flies over the stadium making “the most exciting 30 seconds in college football.” Moving into our favorite part, halftime. A typical GSU halftime show consists of three songs with, one, two, three and even Emily's favorite trick four baton. Emily’s favorite type of routines are one baton because of the variations including partnership leaving room for lots of creativity. Following halftime in the fourth quarter the band plays “Don’t Stop Believing,” as the lights go dim, the fans hold up four fingers and flash their phone flashlights. Once the game has ended, no matter win or lose the football players and Gus the Eagle gather around the band to sing and play the Alma Mater.

Emily says her experience at GSU is unbeatable, with the amazing fans and teammates. She has learned to remain composed despite being faced with difficult challenges of weather, rain, enthusiastic fans and fans from opposing schools. After a long day of fun game day traditions, Emily likes to end the day with a prayer and reflection. She can’t believe how lucky she is to be living her dream.

Thank you so much for reading our college blog for this week, we can’t wait to keep highlighting college twirler across the nation. If you want to see more content come back for our blog posts later in the week, content “only twirlers” know of!


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