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Meet Savannah Miller

Our first interview is World Champion twirler,

Savannah Miller!

Savannah is the current University of Arkansas feature twirler!

We interviewed Savannah to get to know her a bit better.

Only Twirlers: How old were you when you started twirling?

Savannah: I started twirling at the age of 3. My mom took me to a local dance studio called Heidi's Dance Center in Kansas City, MO. Heidi Jacobson, the owner, stuck a baton in my hand and I fell in love!

Only Twirlers: What is the funniest thing that ever happened when you were twirling/competing?

Savannah: When I was in the age group of 10-12, I had a HUGE malfunction at the beginning of rhythmic during competition. At the time it wasn't funny at all but now that I look back on that moment it's definitely one of my funniest twirling moments.

Only Twirlers: What is your ultimate twirling goal?

Savannah: My ultimate twirling goal is to not just be another name in the twirling world. I want to inspire others to go above and beyond to reach their goals. I wish to become a role model for all athletes to look up to.

Only Twirlers: What is your relationship with your competitors?

Savannah: I have competition but not competitors. They are best friends. We cheer each other on and hope for the best for one another.

Only Twirlers: What is something you wish other people knew about twirling?

Savannah: There is so much more to twirling than what people see on a competition level and on the football field. Twirling allows you to travel the world and make relationships that will last a lifetime.

Only Twirlers: What do you want to be remembered as?

Savannah: I want to be the twirler who never settled. The one who was fearless and helped evolve baton twirling whether it be with tricks or performance quality.

Only Twirlers: Would you ever want to judge or coach?

Savannah: Yes one day I want to give back to the twirling community as much as it has given me whether it be judging or coaching.

Thank you Savannah for taking the time to be interviewed!

Keep up with Savannah!

Twitter: UofATwirler

Instagram: UofATwirler

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