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Teenage Miss Majorette of America Predictions

AYOP is right around the corner!

Only Twirlers is proud to release our first set of predictions for AYOP. Our predictions are based only off of our observations and research. If we name you on our list, we hope you prove us right, if we don’t list your name, we hope you prove us wrong.

This blog is just for fun! Nothing that is published on our blog affects or decides anything that happens on the competition floor. We at Only Twirlers just LOVE baton and want to share our thoughts and predictions with the baton twirling community.

That being said…. HERE WE GO!

Our staff here at Only Twirlers have been watching videos, researching contestants and looking at competition results and we have compiled our top 5 predictions for Teenage Miss Majorette of America! This division has some OUTSTANDING twirlers and it will be an accomplishment for anybody just to make the top 5

In no particular order…..

1. Simone Esters

Simone Esters from Ohio has captured many Miss Majorette of America titles so it should come as no surprise that she is on our top 5 list. Simone always looks stunning in modeling. She is a great strutter and will be consistent in solo. She has many years of experience on the competition floor at the national and world level. Her consistency could win her the title of Teenage Miss Majorette of America. Simone will be twirling at Mizzou in the fall.

2. Steffany Lien

Steffany Lien from Nebraska missed AYOP last year because she was the reigning Miss Nebraskas Outstanding Teen. However, she should not be counted out for the title. Steffany has captured 7 world championship titles. She frequently performs no drop routines. Her increased modeling experience through pageants will help in the modeling portion of the competition. Steffany dominates X-strut as that is her strongest event. She should be considered a favorite to win the pageant. Steffany will be twirling at Louisville in the fall.

3. Lexi Duda

Lexi Duda from Maryland has also won her fair share of Miss Majorette of America titles. She is currently the Junior Grand National Twirling Champion. Lexi is a powerhouse when she twirls and hardly ever drops. If Lexi can remain consistent enough in modeling and in strut she could be the one to take home the title. Lexi will be twirling at the University of Maryland in the fall.

4. Adaline Bebo

Adaline Bebo from Indiana is new to the NBTA world but has made a splash on the scene since deciding to compete in this organization. She attended the NBTA world championships and competed in X-strut and Rythmic. Her unique style allows her to stand out in the strutting portion of the competition. In addition, Bebo has already completed her first year of college, giving her some more life experience that could help her in her modeling interview. Bebo has difficulty in her solo but is prone to dropping. If she can boost her consistency, she will be a front runner in the chase for the crown. Adaline is a feature twirler at Baylor University.

5. Rachel Reiss

Rachel Resiss from Pennsylvania places consistently in the top 5 in Miss Majorette of America pageants and has made the top 6 a few times. Rachel is consistent in every event and like Bebo has a couple years of college under her belt that can help her in her modeling interview. Rachel has been a member of the Dynamics team for many years and knows how to stay cool under pressure. While this division is jammed packed with talent, Rachel should not be counted out of this race for the crown. Rachel is the Blue Sapphire feature twirler at Penn State University.

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