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Tips for Surviving the Blue Curtain

With nationals right around the corner, it’s natural to

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start to feel those gitters. Thinking about warming up in the practice space, reuniting with twirling friends, getting ready to show the judges what you’ve been working on all summer, it’s no wonder your stomach flip flops just thinking about it!

We wanted to know what YOUR best tips were for surviving the blue curtain (or even just nationals in general) so we asked! We got some great responses from twirlers all around the country!

So put down your baton for just a minute and read up on some great tips for surviving the blue curtain

Tip #1- Mackenzie Bronk

“Imagine your routine in your head”

Tip #2- Rebecca Lantz

“Don’t look at the people in the stands before or during your performance, just focus on the judges and your routine”

Tip #3- Mikala Williams- Ellrodt

“It is just you and the judge. Don’t worry about any other twirler on the floor or anyone watching you. It’s you, the baton and the judge. Be you and have faith that you’ve practiced so hard that you could do it in your sleep”

Tip #4- Erin Noble

“Twirl for the journey that got you there”

Tip #5-Konner Barr

“Don’t get caught up with everything that’s going on around you! Make sure you stay focused and take deep breaths”

Tip #6- Sarah Hecht

“Don’t let the bigger space and higher ceiling throw off your timing by overthrowing tricks”

Tip #7- Danielle Cherry

“Pray and breathe!”

Tip #8- Kira Greet

“Smile, stretch, and say catch!”

Tip #9- Ashllie Rolfe

“Be so confident that all you envision is the perfect run”

Tip #10- Emelia Adam

“Breathe! Don’t let the curtain intimidate you, intimidate the curtain!”

We hope these tips help you relax, enjoy and be your best in front of the blue curtain!

Keep on practicing! We can’t wait to see you all at AYOP


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