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Top 10 Things We Can't Wait for at AYOP

We are six days away from the start of the 2018 NBTA National Championships! *eek*

Twirlers, parents and coaches are spending this last week of preparation by practicing, packing and getting ready for an always memorable week.

AYOP 2018

Photo Cred: Tim J. Glore

People outside of the twirling world might not understand why this week is so fun but, Only Twirlers understands! So, we compiled a list of the top ten things we can't wait for at AYOP.

1. The Blue Curtain- The Grand National Solo Championships is the perfect way to kick off AYOP! So much is decided in just the first few hours of the competition. It is such a treat to see what caliber of talent is brought to the Joyce Center every year and we are sure this year won't disappoint

2. Seeing our twirling friends- Only Twirlers know what it's like to have your best friends live all across the nation. AYOP is a special week to reconnect with our twirling friends and bond over our unique experiences at Nationals.

3. The new field house- While it will be a big change from what we are accustomed to, we can't wait to actually SEE the new field house. We've all analyzed the pictures and speculated about how this will change AYOP but, it'll be awesome to see the upgrades first hand when we are actually IN the field house!

4. Snow cones - What is nationals without a snow cone? For some reason, snow cones just taste better at Notre Dame

5. Farewell Performances- The tradition of the farewell routines by the Teenage and College Miss Majorettes of America is something truly special. Don't miss out on getting a good seat to see what Lexi Duda and Steffany Lien have in store for us this year

6. College Night- The energy brought to the arena during College Night is unlike anything else that happens at AYOP. Break out your school's gear and get ready for some GREAT performances!

7. Shopping- Checking out all the vendors at AYOP is a great tradition beloved by parents, coaches and athletes. Be sure to check out all of the amazing stores sprinkled throughout South Bend. Come visit Only Twirlers at Staybridge Suites!

8. The Car Ride- You are lying if you say you haven't imagined yourself riding around in the famous car ride during the big show as a reigning Miss Majorette of America. The car ride is a great way to recognize our outgoing Miss Majorette's of America and is a grand tradition in NBTA.

9. The Miss Majorette of America Contest- Anything can happen during pageant! It's all going down one week from today and we can't wait to see who will emerge as the best of the best!

10. Teams and Corps- The amazing display of unison and creativity during the teams and corps competitions is always a blast to watch. We can't wait to see what themes will be brought to the floor this year!

See you all soon!

Only Twirlers

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