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Collegiate Solo Top 10 Predictions

College night has become one of the most beloved nights at AYOP. The college finals are a night that packs the Joyce Center and has everyone cheering with pride for their alma mater or their favorite college twirler.

We at Only Twirlers LOVE college night! We are anxiously awaiting to watch the prelim and finals this year at AYOP and had a blast predicting the top 10 for this year.

*DISCLAIMER- It has become a new trend for twirlers to compete in the college events the summer before they begin their freshman year. We have decided NOT to include any freshman who have not actually attended college yet. If those incoming freshman decide to compete that would have changed our predictions.

Our top 10 predictions for who we will see take the floor on Friday night are as follows....

1. Jameson Kenerly- The University of Georgia

2. Rachel Resiss- Penn State University

3. Rebecca Lantz- Arizona State University

4. Julianna Johnson- Purdue University

5. Haley Shiver- Ole Miss

6. Alexa Phillips- Purdue University

7. Sabrina Smith- University of South Carolina

8. Ashley Bishop- Florida State University

9. Adaline Bebo- Baylor University

10. Toriane Grael- West Virginia University

After watching the College Prelims and seeing a confirmed list of competitors, Only Twirlers will release an updated top 10 prediction list.

If your name is on this list, we hope you prove us right. If your name is not on this list, we hope you prove us wrong.

Preidictions are just for fun and do not change or affect anything that happens on the competition floor.


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