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2024 Guide to the National Baton Twirling Championships

It is the best time of the year, Nationals! It sure takes a lot to pack and be reassured of what is needed for a week at Nationals. There are also so many fun Nationals traditions to be aware of Although this list is far from all that is needed, it provides some of the most important things needed to tackle a busy and fun week at Nationals!

Nationals Traditions:

Door Decorations- It is a twirler tradition to decorate your hotel door for the week of nationals. We put together some Amazon must haves to decorate your door. We suggest picking a theme, ordering some items from Amazon and then having them shipped to your hotel. It is so fun to see everyone's creativity shine

Good Lucks- It is customary to bring Good Luck gifts to nationals. These should be inexpensive items that you can trade with other twirlers. Good lucks foster camaraderie and friendship at Nationals. Most twirlers attach some type of label or name tag with a short message to their good lucks. Be sure to bring a bag or basket to collect your good lucks in!

Shopping- The one week a year where you can shop in person at all of your favorite twirling brands. Check out the blog post from Twirlmate to see when and where your favorite vendors will be set up around South Bend

Don't forget to pack these items:

E600: Nationals is made for you to shine! This means every stone needs to be glued to perfection. E600 helps add any last-minute stones, for that much-desired sparkle.

Snow Cone/ Pretzel Money Holder: It’s a must to bring at least $5 for AYOP snacks! The most iconic and delicious treat goes to both the snow cones and pretzels. We suggest grabbing one of these cute holders to ensure your money stays safe & sound. This coin purse and lanyard are perfect for younger twirlers to wear around!

Earplugs: Honestly this is just to help with the music!! We can’t think of anyone who can stand four days of marching or solo music, and this is the best solution when you don’t want to hear “Stars and Stripes Forever” (and ever and ever)

Nationals 2024 Tank Top: The Only Twirlers Nationals Tanks are a must to commemorate this special event! They are both stylish and comfortable, providing the perfect walk-around or practice outfit!

Hairspray: Needed for all weekend long! Hairspray is what will hold modeling curls to last a lifetime and firmly secure any baby hairs during twirling..Grab an extra can here!

Earplugs: Honestly this is just to help with the music!! We can’t think of anyone who can stand four days of marching or solo music, and this is the best solution when you don’t want to hear “Stars and Stripes Forever” (and ever and ever)

Emergency Sewing Kit: If there is one thing twirlers have learned, it is to expect the unexpected. Grab an emergency kit for all unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. It is better safe than sorry!

K.T. Tape: A week of twirling can be very demanding on your body. Help keep it nice and conditioned with K.T. tape. This therapeutic tape is known to help reduce muscle soreness, especially after a long competition day.

Makeup Case: If you haven’t invested in a makeup case, we highly suggest a Caboodle. These classic cases are great! They are cute, sturdy, and great for traveling.

Tissues: Strongly advised for the farewell performances! Each year, the farewells are created by some of the most inspiring and looked-up to twirlers; the young women who have worked their whole lives for this moment and it can be quite a tearjerker. We are SO excited for two amazing performances by the best of the best: Kylie Cates & Gabby Steed!

Photo Opportunities:

Touchdown Jesus- Take a short walk across Notre Dame campus to see the famous landmark, "Touchdown Jesus". Be sure to snag a photo at this iconic spot!

Leprechaun - They say it is good luck to take a photo with this famous leprechaun located in the tunnel outside of the arena. It is so fun to take this photo every year and see how your twirler grows.

Twirlebrity Autographs - Come visit the Only Twirlers store at the Hilton Garden Inn, take photos and get an autograph from your favorite twirlebrity. Check the Only Twirlers social media pages for times and twirlebrity appearance schedule. Of course the Only Twirlers backdrop and props will be available for photos whenever the store is open.

We hope you have the best time at Nationals. Take some time to appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice that has lead to this special week. We can't wait, see you in South Bend!


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