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College Auditions

Calling all High School Senior twirlers! Below is all the schools with their audition information. This list is being constantly updated so stay tuned!

Arizona State University

- contact for official documents

East Tennessee State University

- live auditions April 22nd, 2023

- contact for more details


Georgia Southern University

- application due April 14th, 2023

- live auditions April 15th, 2023


- more details below

Grand Valley State University

- application due February 10th

- live audition before April 1st

- send information to

- more details found below

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Live auditions - April 29, 2023

For more information -

Form -

North Carolina State University

- live auditions March 26th, 2023

- contact for more details and to show interest

University of Arkansas

- live auditions February 4th, 2023

- more details found below


University of Colorado at Boulder

- applications due March 1, 2023

- live audition April 15, 2023

- contact or for more details

University of Minnesota

- application due January 29th, 2023

- live audition March 18th, 2023


- contact for more

- more details found below

University of Missouri

- application due January 30th, 2023

- live audition March 4th, 2023

- contact for more

- more details found below

University of Tennessee

- application due March 24th, 2023

- live audition for UT Majorette line April 1st, 2023

- feature twirler auditions after line auditions


- contact for more

- more details found below

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