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Let's Welcome Middle Tennessee State University

Hi twirlers, a new weekend means a new takeover. This weekend we have the Middle Tennessee State University Twirlers. The MTSU twirlers are Lainee McPherson, Junior, Mackenzie Stephens, Sophomore, Kayla Van-Alphen, Sophomore, Belle Whitson, Freshman. The twirlers have a variety of majors including Lainee McPherson, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Mackenzie Stephens, Audio Production, and Kayla Van-Alphen and Belle Whitson, Early Childhood Education.

The MTSU Twirlers are under the direction of Niki Riley and Erica Geisler and the Middle Tennessee State University Marching Band is under the direction of Craig Cornish. The MTSU twirlers like to start up game day with a team jameout and prayer. We start up game day with the classic pre game Raider Walk, and the football walk through pep rally. Game day wouldn't be game day without a tailgate and the MTSU twirlers have their own pre game tailgate. Then begins the game starting with the march into the stadium alongside the Band of Blue. Past the first and second quarter we reach the best part of game day, halftime! A typical halftime routine for MTSU includes a mixture of unique tricks, dance twirls, showcasing some multiple baton tricks, and some of their favorite tricks including toss cartwheel, illusion, and a 2 baton trick called the “Whack.” The fun does stop there, because between the 3rd and 4th quarter there is a performance to William Tell with the other spirit team members. Once the game is complete the MTSU Band of Blue plays the Tennessee Waltz and fight song for the whole stadium.

The MTSU twirlers have enjoyed some great memories together including winning Hawaiian spirit day and celebrating Lainee's 21st birthday. The MTSU twirls have had a blast with the Band of Blue, full of memories, trips, school spirits, and tradition. There have been great opportunities to grow with moving to different states and making a family bond. We hope you enjoy the Middle Tennessee State University takeover, come back next week to the place “Only Twirlers,” know of.


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