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Thanksgiving Inspired Social Media Challenge

This season of thanks, Only Twirlers is bringing you a “Thanksgiving Inspired Social Media Challenge.” Complete with a Black Friday surprise, we have fun challenges every day for all twirlers to shop their gratitude.

Starting off with #MENTORMONDAY, remember back when you couldn't do a thumb toss. Well someone taught all of us how to twirl and we are incredibly thankful for those people. Monday is for our coaches and mentors, giving thanks to those who taught us all we know. So post a picture with your coach or meteor. Which brings us to #TRAVELINGTRICKTUESDAY, oh all the places we have gone and all the places will go thanks to twirling. Tuesday is a day to be grateful for the journey that twirling has brought to all of us. Post your best traveling trick. Next we have #WISDOMWEDNESDAY, throughout our journey we have been given amazing advice that helped us push through. On Wednesday share a piece of advice that you’re grateful for receiving throughout your journey. Lastly we have #THANKSGIVINGTHURSDAY, a day that is dedicated to showing our gratitude and being thankful for all that we are blessed with. With this special day show us your best juggling and thanksgiving mash up. For example juggling pumpkins or pinecones because we can twirl anywhere.

This brings us to the last day #BLACKFRIDAY, if you completed all challenges and tagged @onlytwirlers you will receive an added coupon code for our Black Friday sales. We can’t wait for this season of thanks #SOCIALMEDIACHALLENGE.


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