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There's a New Squad in Town

Hello twirlers, we have exciting news to share. The new Only Twirlers Social Media Squad is ready to be introduced. Coming from all over the nation, these twirlers and coming together to form a team.

First up we have Addison Bagnall, she is a sophomore at Niceville High School in Florida. She has been twirling on Intrepid for 6 years and is mainly a USTA but sometimes a NBTA competitor. As a competitive baton twirler, Addison must have her favorite water bottle, yellow Gatorade, classic snack of m&m, and must have a trusty towel to wipe her feet before going on the floor. Addison will be joining Only Twirlers Social Squad on the tik tok team and can’t wait to work with this amazing community. As a true Only Twirlers fan she loves the classic pullover. Her future plans will include preparing to hopefully twirl in college.

Up next is Junior from Lampeter Strasburg High School, Alyssa Sprout. Alyssa has been twirling for 9 years with Melanie’s Miracles and Ab-Salute as a DMA competitor. As a long time twirler, Alyssa knows her competition must-haves including, soft pretzels from the concession stand and her rhinestone Birkenstocks! Alyssa will be joining the Only Twirlers Squad as a part of the tik tok team and is most excited about meeting the new interns this year. Embracing the best sport out there, Alyssa loves her “Twirlers Version,” tank top. In the future, Alyssa hopes to twirl and maybe compete in college.

From the University of West Alabama, up next we have Ashtin Kizziah-Pate. Originally from Alabama, Ashtin has been twirling for 17 years for UWA Tigerettes, Brittany’s Twirling Crewe and competing in the National Baton Twirling Association. She is most excited to see Only Twirlers grow, while also helping the twirling community grow. In the spirit of Only Twirlers, Ashtin, says her favorite OT merchandise is the OT logo Crewneck. As a NBTA twirler, some of Ashtins competition essentials include hair spray, powdered chalk, and a sweat towel, not to mention her favorite competition snacks: a classic gluten free granola bar. But it wouldn’t be a competition day for Ashtin with her secret handshake, circle prayer, and dance party to calm the nerves. After the internship in the future she hopes to own a studio, start a twirling camp, or coach a college line one day.

Coming up next all the way from Central Pennsylvania, Avery Soltesz. Avery is a senior from Warrior Run High School and will be joining the Only Twirlers Social Media squad on the tik tok and Pinterest team. She has been twirling for 15 years for the Marshalettes in NBTA competitions alongside her sister. Which includes her favorite tradition, sharing a handshake with her little sister before they take the floor to compete. Avery can’t go through a competition day without her friends aka her teammates, sister, and mom, or her favorite snacks beef jerky and goldfish. Avery can’t wait to collaborate with other twirlers around the world through the internship and to help expand the twirling world through social media. She loves her “Yes, I am that girl that twirls” tank along with the AYOP 2022 crewneck. We wish Avery good luck as she continues her dream of college auditions to be a college twirler.

Let's take a trip south down to South Carolina and welcome, Bailey Barnes. Bailey is a senior at Palmetto High School, and has been twirling for 13 years on the Carolina Superstar team. As a NBTA twirler, Bailey can't go through a competition with her trusty sweat towel, sour patch kids and loves to pray as a team before they go on and always watches her friends at their lane when they perform. She is a part of the tik tok and graphic design team and can’t wait to share the sport that she loves with the world. As a Only Twirlers fan she loves the 2022 AYOP merch and the classic “only twirlers” crewneck. After the internship she plans to twirl in college and attend a second AYOP.

Moving west of South Carolina to Kansas we welcome from K-State University, Brianna Tayfel. Brianna is a junior at K-State majoring in Communications with a secondary major International Studies minor Leadership Studies. She is coached by Machelle Stiehl and has been twirling for 19 years. As a USTA competitor her must have essentials are Twizzlers, her hand towel, and “Lighting McQueen” style pepe talks. Brianna is joining the Only Twirlers internship on the tik tok team and is most excited to apply this knowledge to my major to help her reach her dream job working for Disney. She is also excited to work with some amazing twirlers and represent a great twirling company! As a true Only Twirlers fan she loves her Only Twirlers pink tank top. Brianna plans on traveling more and competing in different types of competitions.

After going west we are going to go back east to Missouri. Welcome 8th grader from Oakville Middle School, Chloe Ruth. Chole has been twirling for 7 years on the Saint Louis Performance Academy team and participates in both AAU and NBTA competitions. She will be joining us on the Only Twirlers tik tok team, excited to spread her love for twirling. In the future she can’t wait to attend twirler for a day events and hopes to one day twirl for a college. Chloe can’t go through a competition day with her false eyelashes and snacks on multi-colored goldfish and grilled chicken strips with pepper flakes. Not to mention her competition tradition, wearing “Lucky Channel.” As a classic Only Twirlers fan she loves her hard earned “BOOM NO DROP” tank top.

Next we welcome from New Jersey, Delaney Higgins. Delaney is a freshman at West Morris Central, she has been twirling for 8 year on Intrepid. Competing in both USTA and NBTA, Delaney hopes to make the USA team in 2024 and hopes to be a college twirler. On those competition days, Delany likes to enjoy mini m&m’s, must have her favorite towel around, and enjoys a team handshake before going onto the floor. Delaney joins the Only Twirlers on the podcast and tik tok team. She is most excited to share only twirlers with people all across the world and to be able to publicize twirling on social media! As a true Only Twirlers fan, she loves her “This is my illusion shirt.”

All the way south from the Lone Star State, Texas, we welcome Azle High School Senior Diana Garcia. Diana has been twirling since she was 11 years old, which makes 7 years, on the Vicki's Chick’s team coached by Vicki Ray. As an NBTA twirler, Diana enjoys her must-have snack strawberries and chocolate. She can’t go through a competition without her sweat towel and soft team sweater. After a long competition day, win or lose, she enjoys going to Olive Garden with her teammates. Diana will be joining the Only Twirlers team on the blog team, and she can’t wait to meet the rest of the group and share our love for twirling to the rest of the community! As a true Only Twirlers fan, Diana's favorite Only Twirlers merchandise is the “Wipe Hands Here For Goodluck” towel. After the internship she hopes to twirl for a college and grow up to be a Criminal Lawyer.

Staying in the South, up next from Alabama we have Emily Hull. Emily is a sophomore at Smiths Station High School, she has been twirling for 3 years as a Rising Starz of Auburn ,and hopes to one day be a Crimsonette or any collegiate twirler. During competition days she must have her cheez-its or goldfish to keep her fueled. Emily is a part of the Only Twirlers Amazon Affiliate Team and can’t wait to just be a part of this team to help grow Only Twirlers! As a true twirler, Emily loves all the tank tops because they are super cute, and great for practicing.

Moving far and wide we welcome Hannah Kirwin all the way to Hampshire, United Kingdom. Hannah is a 2nd year at University of Winchester, she has been twirling for 11 years on Spencerettes team. As a BBTF competitor, Hannah must have her watermelon slices, lucky teddy bear for awards, and it would be a competition day with supporting her teammates and sending a good luck morning text. Hannah joins the Only Twirlers Squad on the tik tok team and can’t wait to share the British side of baton twirling. Keeping up with new merchandise, Hannah's favorite Only Twirlers item is the “B is for Baton” book. She plans on continuing to reach her full potential as a competitive athlete as well as passing on her skills to a future generation of Baton Twirlers as a coach and captain.

Taking another long trip to Pennsylvania, we have Central Mountain High School senior, Jasmine McCulley. Jasmine has been twirling since she was 6 years old as a NBTA and soon USTA competitor. During a competition, Jasmine has to have her elephant anklet and elephant pin attached to her costumes and has to have Twizzlers and gushers as a nice snack. Jasmine will be joining the Only Twirlers Squad as a part of the tik tok team, she is super excited to work with everyone in continuing to expand the twirling community. As a proud twirler her favorite Only Twirlers Merch is “The Twirlers Version,” tank. After senior year she hopes to twirl in college.

Taking a trip to the fun sun from Florida we have, Lindsay Brauner. Lindsay is a junior at American Heritage High School and has been twirling for 9 years on Team Dynamite. As a USTA competitor, Lindsay loves to have granola bars and oranges around as well as her lucky sweat towel. With her team she loves to have pinky circles at competitions. Lindsay will be joining the Only Twirlers Squad as a part of the Email marketing team, she can’t wait to meet the other interns and get involved with Only Twirlers, and as a true fan she loves her “Twirlers Version” tank top. In the future Lindsay wants to twirl in college.

Staying in sunny Florida we have junior from Spanish River High School, Madi Murphy. Madi has been twirling for 11 years on Team Dynamite as a USTA competitor. Being a competitive twirler there are some things that Madi must have including, goldfish, popcorn, fruit snacks, hairspray, bobby pins, and it would be complete without a pinky circle with her teammates. Madi will be joining the Only Twirlers Squad as a member of the Graphic Design Team and can’t wait to be involved in an amazing organization with like-minded people who want to share their passions with others. As a proud twirler, Madi loves her “Twirlers Version” tank top. Madi hopes to in the future twirl throughout the rest of high school with her team and twirl in college one day.

Going back up from Michigan State University we welcome junior, Marissa Pierce. Originally from Pennsylvania, Marissa has been twirling for 18 years on the Wheaton Dance/Twirl Team. As a NBTA, USTA, and UT twirler, Marissa has a few competition essentials, her Team USA sweat towel, Twizzlers Pull and Peels, and must say “it is Gameday Spartans,” before taking the floor. Marissa will be joining the Only Twirlers Squad as a part of the podcast team and can’t wait to be a part of something that she truly loves and work with a brand that advocates for the twirling athletes. As a NBTA competitor, Marissa loves her “I Survived the Blue Curtain.” Looking into the future, Marissa plans on competing for the next year representing Michigan State University.

Last but certainly not least from Ohio we have Marla Edgecomb. Marla is a sophomore at Aurora Highschool and has been twirling for 12 years as a USTA twirler. She hopes to in the future receive a scholarship to twirl at a college. As a competitive twirler, Marla likes to have between pretzel sticks and green grapes to keep her energy up. Along with her must have comfy boots and a classic jump up and down to get the jitters out. Marla will be joining the Only Twirlers Squad as a member of the Email Marketing Team and can’t wait to collaborate with other members of the internship program. As a true twirler, Marla loves her “Yes I'm that girl who twirls” tank top.

We are so excited for this team and can’t wait for what this group of twirlers will bring to Only Twirlers. Come back later to read the next blog at the place “Only Twirlers” know.


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