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It's a Special Day for our Coaches

It is a very important day, the day where we honor those who have mentored many, our coaches. It is National Coaches Day and as a special post we are going to honor the coaches of our Social Media Squad members.

First up we have Diana Garcia, who would like to honor her coach Vicki Ray. Diana has been twirling with her coach for seven years. Her favorite memory was when she was with her teammate and coach on their way back from nationals this past summer and their flight got canceled. This took them on a crazy adventure including being in four different states in less than 24 hours and laughing until they were in happy tears.

Up next is Hannah Kirwin’s coach, Sian Bardsley. Hannah has been twirling with her coach for five years. In those five years her favorite memory was the day Sian Bardsley won a judges special recognition award for outstanding choreography with their senior pom team. It was a very proud moment for everyone.

Next we have a special mom and daughter duo Marla Edhecomb coached by her mom Jill Edgecomb. Marla has been twirling with her coach for twelve great years and her favorite memory was the reaction her and her mom shared at nationals when Marla won the juvenile 3-baton event. It was a very exciting time for all.

We have a pair of teammates on our squad Madi Murphy and Lindsay Brauner, who are coached by Lindsey Finkel, Jenni Lee, and Carly Finkel. Madi has been a student of these coaches for ten years and Lindsay has been a student for seven years. Their favorite memories have been traveling to France for the International Cup and other National competitions. As well as those great pep talks and pinky circles before going on the floor.

Avery Soltesz has been with her longtime coach Alana Jones for fifteen years, since she was three years old. In that long time her favorite memory was at her graduation when Alana

Jones told her how proud she was of her because even with a busy schedule she made it to Avery's special day.

Next we have the terrific trio Bailey Barnes and coaches Ansley Cartee Minor and Hazel Catree. Bailey has been with her coaches for just about fourteen years, and her favorite memory was going to the beach with coach Ansley and coach Hazel's wedding reception.

Another terrific trio is Addison Bagnall and coaches Karrissa and Cheryl Wimberly. Addison's favorite memory includes all the times she spent time at their house after a long practice.

Next we have Chloe and her coach of seven years Emily Wicks Hawkins. Chloe's favorite memory is when her coach taught her how to twirl fire 3-baton. A scary task to put it calmly, so it is always nice to have your coach by your side.

Without our coaches no twirler would be who they are. A big thank you from Only Twirlers to all the coaches out there for everything you have done and everything you will do in the future.


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