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It's Competition Season

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that football season is coming to an end, but the good news is that competition season is here! This Saturday we will follow one of the Only Twirlers Social Media Squad members, Diana Garcia, as she competes in Texas.

This Saturday is the Holiday Twirl Fest in Hutto Texas, including very special events like Miss Holiday Model, Miss Twirling Snowflake, and the Candy Cane Cup Championships. She is most excited to get back on the floor for a Holiday themed competition. Diana’s must have for competitions include a good breakfast, Only Twirlers t-shirt as a nice pull over, towel, and blanket. During competitions she likes to spend time with her teammates and help them to their lanes and with their routines. As well as the fun shopping that you find at competitions. Her favorite competition traditions include team photos and eating Olive Garden with her teammates. Diana’s favorite competition memory was the time she had her very first no drop and got her first “Boom No Drop,” towel from Only Twirlers.

Follow along as Diana takes you through a Texas Twirling Competition. From college game days to twirling competition season, we are so excited for this season to start!


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