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Let's Welcome the University of Georgia

Another weekend, another game day! This week, between the hedges, we have the University of Georgia. Representing the Dawgs, we have Junior, Lacey Stewart. Lacey has been twirling for about 11 years with Sequin Showstoppers out of Auburn, Alabama, and she will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate.

The University of Georgia Majorettes and feature twirler are under the direction of twirling coordinator Ashley Clark. They have a majorette line and a feature twirler. As a fun little fact, Lacey was chosen as Miss Dawgtime 2022.

A typical game day starts off with pre-game, which includes the spelling Georgia cheer. Every twirler is assigned a letter to do a toss walkover under. As well as the hymn of the Bulldog nation where a trumpet is chosen to go to the southwest corner of the stadium in the highest seat to play a solo. Once it’s time for the game, the band welcomes the football team into the field with the Dawg Walk, a great way to get the crowd excited. The twirlers love to watch the football game but nothing beats halftime. A typical halftime routine includes choreography from the captains and twirling coordinator. Most of their halftime routines have a competitive style, so they include toss walkovers, spin illusions, one, two, and three baton variations as well as some team exchanges with one, two, and three batons. On some special occasions the University of Georgia throws up the crowd favorite, fire batons. Once the game is over the twirlers continue the next week to prepare for the next game.

Lacey has loved her time as a UGA twirler, she is very thankful for all that UGA has given her. As a fun personal tradition, Lacey wears the socks that UGA gave her when she first got accepted into UGA on every game day. Thank you for tuning in on this week's blog post and don’t forget to come back next week for a new takeover.


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