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Let's Welcome the University of West Alabama

From the University of West Alabama, we would like to welcome Ashtin Kizziah-Pate. Ashtin is a Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Political Science. Originally from Alabama, Ashtin has been twirling for 17 years and now twirls for the Tigerettes.

The Tigerettes are under the direction of Haley Richardson and the University of West

Alabama marching band is under the direction of Dr. Strickland. This weekend is not a usual game day, this weekend is one of the most exciting of all, Homecoming~ A Homecoming game day starts with a classic morning rehearsal and then a parade through the town and campus to get everyone excited for a very special game day. After the parade the twirlers go back to perform at the tailgate area. Once tailgating is over, the whole marching band marches into the stadium to perform pregame with the alumni. The Tigerettes favorite part of halftime is being able to perform with former Tigerettes, they are able to appreciate the Tigerette history. After kickoff comes the best part of game day, halftime. Halftime starts with a Marvel theme song and one flag baton, then the second song “Come and Get your Love,” which is Ashtins favorite. They go on the sidelines where the twirlers switch to regular baton, the next song is, “Back in Black” which consists of two batons, then back to one baton to finish the show. After a well deserved Tiger win, the band marches back to the band room with a crowd favorite drum cadence “UWA.”

Ashtin has loved twirling at the University of West Alabama, she feels more connected with the school and community than ever. From having a very specific makeup routine to being able to fit all the twirlers and cologuard members on one golf cart, being a Tigerette has shown her a balance of fun, excitement, and responsibilities which she is very grateful for. Thank you for tuning into this weekends gameday takeover, and don’t forget to come back for another takeover.


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