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Lets Welcome East Carolina University

It’s that time of the week, game day. With a new game day comes a new college takeover. Today we welcome from East Carolina University, feature twirler, Kasey Rogers. Kasey is a Junior at ECU, and is majoring in Public Health with a Nutrition Science minor. She plans to pursue a Physician Assistants graduate degree after finishing undergrad. Kasey is originally from Maryland and has been twirling since she was 4 years old, coached by Judi Marlatt. At the returning AYOP year, 2022, Kasey represented ECU very well by qualifying for the Nation Cups team in solo and placing in the top 10 in the Miss Majorette of America pageant.

Behind every good production there are hours of band camp practice. Kaseys time as the ECU feature twirler has been her only time as a field twirler. With that, she has found joy in learning about the aspects of field twirling. Kasey cherishes the great bonds she has formed with the Marching Pirate Band.

An East Carolina University game day starts off with pre-game which includes the band playing Hoist the Colors at the top of the march up the hill, where Kasey gets to twirl fire! Following this, the band separates into three groups and plays stand tunes for tailgaters all around the stadium. An ECU tradition starts the game with the student section, nicknamed Pirate Pride, hang their keys at the beginning of the game resembling a way to tell the other team to “go home.” On to the best part, halftime! Halftime consists of 3-4 songs where Kasey does choreographed routines including 2,3,4 baton, rolls, big tricks, gymnastics, and novelty tricks! The fun continues throughout the game. When the ECU football team scores a touchdown, the pirate cannon goes off each time. As the game hits 4th quarter there is a red No Quarter Flag and fans hold them up to portray no mercy! When the game comes to a close the football team comes over and everyone sings the Alma Mater together. Kasey describes her time with ECU as a “dream come true,” she loves to share her passion for baton twirling and for her school. Since her freshman year was not to its full potential due to COVID-19, she has much enjoyed her sophomore and junior year with countless opportunities that have allowed her to perform

in many different stadiums.

Don’t forget to tune in this weekend to see the East Carolina University takeover and see what it is like in a typical Pirate Gameday. Tune in with us next week in the place where, “Only Twirlers,” know of.


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