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Meet Sabrina Smith

Today we interviewed University of South Carolina Feature Twirler,

Sabrina Smith

Only Twirlers: How old were you when you started twirling?

Sabrina: I pretty much started twirling when I was able to walk. My aunt and my mom had a twirling group before I was even born so I grew up with the sport.

Only Twirlers: Who inspires you as a twirler?

Sabrina: There are many twirlers who inspire me everyday; but I think my biggest inspiration growing up had to be Danielle Cobb. She was all around a great twirler and one of the most humble people I've ever met. She has gone on to graduate and start medical school and I think it's great that she has moved from one achievement to the next; it shows that twirlers really can do anything (even if it isn't twirling related).

Only Twirlers: What is the funniest thing that ever happened when you were twirling/competing?

Sabrina: The funniest thing has to be when Emily Doyle, Domenica Iocco, and I (the USC feature twirlers) were doing the pregame routine on the field at the Clemson game this past year. There is a part where the 3 of us go towards the student section where Sir Big Spur (our live mascot that rides around in a motorized car) is. We twirl towards the student section and when we went to start, sir big spur was riding through during it and got in Domenica's way to where she couldn't do most of the routine. We couldn't stop laughing

Only Twirlers: What is it like to grow up on the Dynamics?

Sabrina: Growing up on a team like the Dynamics has pushed me to be a better twirler. You realize there is always someone pushing you to be better. Being on a team, you have best friends who are there to encourage you to do your best and catch new things you haven't before. There is competitiveness, but it's the best kind where you want the whole team to succeed, not just yourself. You learn how to work with others and be the best team member you can be.

Only Twirlers: What is something you wish other people knew about twirling?

Sabrina: I wish people knew that twirling is more competitive than most see. When someone thinks baton twirling, they usually think parades, white boots and majorettes. There is another side that no one sees that is competitive and involves just as much training as a lot of other sports.

Only Twirlers: What does it mean to you to be a college twirler?

Sabrina: Being a college twirler to me, means being a representative of the University and the sport of baton twirling, not just on the field or at competitions, but everywhere you go. There are many little girls that one day want to be in your shoes so it's important to represent the sport well.

Only Twirlers: What surprised you the most about college twirling?

Sabrina: College twirling is way better than I ever imagined possible. Coming from someone who wasn't sure if I wanted to go on to twirl in college, I am very happy that I decided to. It's a new level of twirling; it's more relaxing, fun, and all around a more exciting environment than competitive twirling. Don't get me wrong, I still love competing, but I think twirling on a field has made me realize how fun baton actually is for me

Keep up with Sabrina!

Twitter: @Sabrinasmithhh

Instagram: @Sabsmith11

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