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The Friday Five - Sept. 29th

Kicking off a new Friday tradition here at Only Twirlers, we are bringing you The Friday Five! The top five Amazon products the Only Twirlers need in their lives!

1. Sparkly Airpod case- These are great for the twirler in your life! We get complimented on these AirPods nearly every day!

2. Sweat Proof Foundation- We have tried nearly every foundation on the market and this is the winner. Inexpensive, sweat proof and non-cakey

3. Makeup Brushes- It is so nice having an extra set of makeup brushes just for competition day. Get this full set for under $10

4. Medal Holder- How fun is this medal display? It is a great way to organize and show off your twirling accomplishments

5. Hair Wax Stick- Wondering how your favorite influencers perfect the slick back bun? It's the hair wax stick! Get those flyaways down and take your hair game to the next level


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