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Twirler Days 2021

Football Season is just around the corner!

Many of your favorite universities are hosting twirler days

Louisville Feature Twirler Steffany Lien

Twirler day is a great opportunity for twirlers of all ages to experience what it is like to twirl at a college or university! While every school does twirler day a little differently, many schools offer the opportunity to learn from their twirlers, perform at a game and learn what college twirling is all about.

We’ve formulated a list with all upcoming twirler days from around the country. If we missed yours, send us a message and we’ll add it to the list!

Mississippi State University- Sept. 4th- Follow this link to register-

University of Cincinnati- Sept. 11th

University of Kentucky- Sept. 11th- Follow this link to register-

Maryland Lexi Duda

Syracuse- Sept. 18th- Email for more info

The University of Colorado - Sept. 18th - Follow this link to register -

The University of Arkansas- Sept. 18th

UMASS- October 9th

Lindenwood University- Nov. 15th - Email for more information

San Diego State- To be announced


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