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Welcome to the Field the University of Pittsburgh

Hi twirlers, we had a great weekend with the University of Pittsburgh twirlers and learning what a day in the life as a panther looks like. If you missed the takeover, don’t fear, we will uncover the best of the Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls and feature twirler are under the direction of Jessica Potetz and the University of Pittsburgh band is under the direction of Brad Townsend. The University of Pittsburgh twirlers have had an amazing experience not just on the field to all the places they have traveled to such as the ACC championship, Georgia and El Paso for bowl games but also getting to make lifelong friendships. Including practices comes a fun summer, the Golden Girls get to enjoy some fun after practice games like Volleyball where the twirlers came in second place! Twirlers can do it all!

A typical game day at the University of Pittsburgh begins with wearing royal on Fridays for Roc the Royal Friday and on Fridays the band members stand by our panther and guard the statue while people rub the nose for good luck before game days. Moving to the game, the Golden Girls get ready for pre-game by running through the tunnel and into the stadium and Panther Prowl to cheer on the football team coming into the stadium. Then comes doing the march to Victory to start the game and the classic pep-talk the coach gives where the twirlers huddle and scream G^4 for golden girls, glitz, and glamor. Then our favorite part rolls around, halftime. A typical halftime routine consists of a show, a few favorites are Top Gun, Queen, and We are the Chamyinz. With one, two, and three batons tricks also including dance parts throughout the routines, partner tricks and group exchanges. The Golden Girls make a fun and exciting halftime show.

Finally with a Pitts win comes fun traditions. Including the Cathedral of Learning lights up the victory lights which are blue and gold lights that shine into the sky as well as one of the football players conducting the victory song.

Thank you so much twirlers for tuning in this week, we hope you enjoyed the takeover and the blog for the University of Pittsburgh Golden Girls. Come back next time to the place, “Only Twirlers” know of.


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